Frequently Asked Questions

What time do the fireworks start?

The show starts at 9:45pm depending on current wind conditions and final approval from CalFire.

Where is the best place to watch?

There are several places to watch the show. One of the best views is on the beach at Lake Siskiyou. Come early and enjoy the day! Mt. Shasta Resort welcomes guests to sit on the driving range lawn and enjoy their annual Customer Appreciation Day! The small entrance fee collected at the gate goes to help fund the fireworks.

If you have a boat and are a little adventurous, on Lake Siskiyou itself is one of the best places to be! However, you must follow all directions provided, including ensuring your vessel is outside of the fallout zone. You must follow all directions from the Sheriff boat patrol. The lake is part of our safety zone and it is highly likely that burning debris will land within the fallout zone. The show will not start or will be stopped if the zone is not clear. These regulations are governed by the State Fire Marshal. Don’t be “That Guy”…

Will there be music with the show?

Yes, but you will need your FM Radio tuned into Z100 FM. If you use the ‘app’ on your phone or tablet, there will be a time delay. Please turn the volume down so only you and your friends can hear the music. Many people love the sound of the shells reverberating through the mountains. This year’s firework display has been choreographed to a sound track that adds a broader dimension to the show for more impact.

Why is northshore road closed on the 4th?

As part of our Use Permit with the County, we are required to close the road from 6am until after the show. Any vehicle on Northshore Road on the 4th of July, after 6am will be asked to leave. This is for our safety in the event that there’s a problem. Could you imagine if we had to get emergency vehicles on that road with a thousand cars back there?

Is the walking trail open during the day?

Yes. We ask that you stay on the path in the area of the firing site and respect all ‘closed’ areas. At 5pm, the walking trail is closed in its entirety from the delta bridges to the Wagon Creek Bridge. This will be strictly enforced by security, the Siskiyou County Sheriff, California Highway Patrol and CalFire. After 5pm, all the fireworks are wired and considered ‘hot’. Please note, you cannot see the show from Wagon Creek Bridge.

Can I take my boat out on Lake siskiyou and where should i be to watch the show?

Please follow the instructions on the map and the directions from the Sheriffs boat patrol.

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Any other questions?

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